NOV 2022    (Virtual) Invited plenary speaker at the Kashiwa Dark mAtter Symposium 2022, Japan.

JUL 2022     (Virtual) Invited plenary speaker at Cosmology from Home 2022

JUL 2022     Invited talk at the Kobe Workshop on Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, Kobe, Japan

JUN 2022     Invited speaker at SynCRETism 2022, Crete, Greece


APR 2022     (Virtual) Invited plenary speaker at CosmoSur VI conference, Córdoba – Argentina


MAR 2022    (Virtual) Invited speaker at the Nico van Kampen Colloquium at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Utrecht                                               University, Utrecht, Netherlands


NOV 2022    III Encontro de Física Teórica GIFT - UNIFEI. Course: Dark Matter. Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Brazil

AUG 2022     (Virtual) IV Jaime Tiomno Physics School. Course: Cosmology. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


OCT 2022    Invited talk at RIKEN, Japan

MAY 2022    (Virtual) Invited speaker at the Astrophysical Seminars at INPE, Brazil

MAR 2022     (Virtual) Invited talk at the Astro Journal Club, University of Tokyo, Japan

FEB 2022     (Virtual) Invited talk at the cosmology group at AIP, Potsdam, Germany

FEB 2022     (Virtual) Invited talk at the National Observatory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

JAN 2022     (Virtual) Invited talk at the ITP Cosmology Seminars, Heidelberg, Germany



NOV 2021     Invited speaker at Astrophysical Windows on Dark Matter, British-German WE-Heraeus-Seminar, London, England

NOV 2021     Invited speaker at The accelerating universe 2.0, MIAPP, Garching, Germany

SEP 2021     Invited speaker at Hubble tension at MIAPP, Garching, Germany

AUG 2021     (Virtual) Invited speaker at COSMO 21

FEB 2021     (Virtual) Invited plenary speaker at the conference "Brazilian Meeting of Girls and Women in Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Gravitation", Brazil.


OCT 2021     (Virtual) Invited colloquium at the Oscar Klein centre colloquia, Stockholm University, Sweden

AUG 2021     (Virtual) Invited colloquium at UNIFEI, Brazil

JUN 2021     (Virtual) Invited colloquium Fluminense Federal University, Brazil


NOV 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at the Copernicus Seminar

OCT 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at the Astrophysics, Gravitation and Cosmology Seminar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

AUG 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at the gravBR seminars, Brazil

JUN 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at IBS CTPU, Korea

JUN 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil

MAY 2021     (Virtual) Invited seminar at Princeton University, Cosmolunch, USA

MAY 2021     (Virtual) Invited seminar at VLLT Physics & Astronomy seminar club

MAY 2021     (Virtual) Invited seminar at UFES, Brazil

APR 2021     (Virtual) Invited talk at the GECO group, Café Club, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France

APR 2021     (Virtual) Invited seminar at the Astronomy Department UFRGS, Brazil


NOV 2020     (Virtual) Invited talk, Joint Tufts / MIT Tuesday Cosmology Seminars, USA.

NOV 2020     (Virtual) Invited talk, Sydney CPPC series, Australia.

OCT 2020     (Virtual) Invited seminar, Department of Mathematical Physics, Institute of Physics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

MAY 2020     (Virtual) Invited talk at the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

MAY 2020     (Virtual) Invited talk at Fluminense Federal University, Brazil.


FEB 2020     Invited talk at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

FEB 2020     Invited speaker at "Cosmic acceleration" conference at Kavli IPMU, Japan, Ultra Light Scalar Field Dark Matter


DEC 2019     Astroparticle Seminar Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich, Germany

DEC 2019     Invited talk at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

NOV 2019     Invited talk at Swansea University, United Kingdom

SEP 2019     Parallel talk at COSMO 2019, Aachen, Germany

JUL 2019      Invited parallel talk at the 11th International Symposium Quantum Theory and Symmetry, Montréal, Canada

JUN 2019     Invited talk at the 2019 String Theory and Cosmology (GRS) Seminar, Barcelona, Spain

FEB 2019     Invited plenary talk at the FAPESP-JSPS Workshop, University of São Paulo, Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter                                      Superfluid.


MAR 2018     North-East Cosmology Workshop, McGill University, Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter Superfluid.

JAN 2018     Invited seminar, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter Superfluid.


DEC 2017     Invited cosmology seminar, Fermilab, Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter Superfluid.

JAN 2017     Invited particle theory seminar, Harvard University, Holographic Curvature Perturbations in a Cosmology with a Space-                                Like Singularity.


MAY 2017    McGill-Dartmouth Cosmology Day, McGill University, Early universe cosmology and dark energy: from the Big Bang to the l                          late expansion of the universe.


DEC 2016    Invited cosmology seminar, Perimeter Institute, Cosmological fluctuations in an AdS/CFT cosmology.

DEC, 2016   Invited talk at the Cosmology Journal Club, Perimeter Institute, Searching for Dark Energy.

JUN 2016    Invited seminar, Princeton University, Dark Energy from 21cm Intensity Mapping: the BINGO Telescope.

2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010

SEPT 2013 Cosmology and Quantum Gravity: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Holography Workshop, Stability of an Interacting DE/DM                           Model with Yukawa Coupling.

JUN 2012   Cosmology Workshop, University of São Paulo, Brazil, Stability in Dark Energy Models.

SEPT 2011 Northeast Cosmology Workshop, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, The Trans-Planckian Problem in the Healthy                                       Extension of Horava-Lifshitz Gravity.

NOV 2010  I Symposium Mario Novello on Bouncing Models, Mangaratiba, RJ, Brazil, Horava-Lifshitz Gravity: From Minimal to the                                 General Covariance.

FEB. 2010  IX Workshop New Physics in Space, Campos do Jordao, SP, Brazil, Cosmological Perturbations and Structure Formation in                         Field Theory Model of Dark Energy and Dark Matter.